Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fragile City

Greetings from RETTOCAMME HQ in Brooklyn. We hope everyone in our community is well, or at least on their way to recovery! Let us know if you need any help - we have lots of friends that do great things!

If you are a budding art collector who wants to contribute to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, please consider purchasing an original "Fragile City" artwork. These delicate, abstract cityscapes are hand-cut by Emma Cotter from used Con Ed envelopes. All proceeds, after processing fees, will be re-directed to the Mayor's Fund and specified for Sandy relief. Please visit our Etsy store to purchase:

attention gallery and fundraising folks: Framed versions may be available for charity auctions. Please email for details.

p.s. thank you Con Ed for keeping the power on in Park Slope during both Sandy and the following Nor' is hard to cut paper by candlelight.