Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reviews for "HCI (high claim item)"

presented in Out of Frame: Dance + Comics
curated by Patrice Miller
part of the 2014 Comic Book Theater Festival
at The Brick

HCI (high claim item) *
A quick caper set in an art gallery
Concept/Choreography: Emma Cotter
Music made by Loopstock
Projected Animation: William Torres
Hair & Make-up concepts: Amanda Miller
Performers: Emily Berry, Emma Cotter, Elizabeth Douglas

*work in progress - intended to be a chapter in a much large scale dance/theater piece.


"The artistry within well-constructed action is another silent partner in entertainments meant to be experienced rather than reflected on. Choreographer Emma Cotter’s HCI (High Claim Item) gave the common spy-adventure spectacle of the high-tech burglary a context all its own, with an original interpretation of a fine art museum heist complete with dancing ninja-thieves and a living painting, in a work which walks away with the treasure of creativity."

"Even better was Emma Cotter’s “HCI: High Claim Item”, which was like Ocean’s Twelve with former Cirque du Soleil members."